Fears and phobias

Fears and phobias can occur for all sorts of reasons - some perfectly rational and others for no sound reason we can identify.

puppyTake a look at this puppy!  Even if you have a dog phobia (cynophobia) your logic will tell you that this is a cute puppy, playing and having fun and most importantly, completely harmless.  However, if you have a phobia, you believe that there is a threat, triggering stress hormones and stimulating the 'fight or flight' impulse.  No matter what you say to yourself, the fearful pattern of your brain will not believe your rational thoughts.

This doesn't only apply to dogs of course - you may experience any one of over 500 named phobias (or indeed one with no name!)  

The common phobias include:

spiders, snakes, frogs, sharks and cats 

water, heights, enclosed spaces and crowds

Then there are phobias associated with activities such as flying, speaking in public, climbing down stairs and many more.

Hypnotherapy has long been used as a treatment to 're-programme' the way your brain reacts to certain stimulus.  The process may be almost immediate, requiring just a couple of treatments or may require a few sessions to gently bring about lasting change. Call me to book your no-obligation exploratory session